Focusing on the gear for a hotel shoot

I once heard that the photographer's best assistant is the tape. Then I heard it was the tripod. I guess for now, it is in the bags and carrying cases. I have all of my photography equipment in carrying cases with wheels. That is definitely my best assistant. And not only for me, but for my assistant's health too! Rolling cases are what I think every photographer should have. All the weight goes on the wheels, not on your back. Not only your back will thank but also your assistant. I single handed took these two cases on a trip to Cancun and The Bahamas for various hotel and real estate shoots. The wheels made it so much easier to move around! Since I was traveling alone and could not carry any more bags, I had all of my clothes in the Pelican hard case along with 2 monolights. Some photographers make excellent use of photographic vests witch actually can carry many more photo equipment. And, since it is a wearable item, it is not consider as luggage by the airlines (nice tip).

My two only carry ons: a Think Tank bag for my cameras and lenses and my Pelican hard case for the light, stands, tripod, extension, etc. The Think Tank is a airplane regulated size so it goes with me on the plane (in cabin), the hard case goes down below.