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Casa de Campo Real Estate Photographer

I've done plenty real estate photography in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Particularly The Bahamas. Being a real estate photographer in the Bahamas is such a pleasure for me because I love the country. On the main page of this website you can see a complete section for Bahamas Real Estate Photography.

But, having my base in the Dominican Republic, it is so strange that I had not done any real estate photography in Casa de Campo. I have shot homes for interior designers and for magazines, but not actually for Casa de Campo real estate. So, after a few calls and some contacts, here are some images for a villa in Casa de Campo.

Why Having Talents in Hotel and Real Estate Imagery is Important

Once upon a time it was considered a no no to have humans in architectural and real estate photography. It was important to show exclusively the space photographed. Fewer elements in the image, the better the space will look and feel.The purpose of the job was to show the space after all, right? I actually did not use talents for a long time because it automatically became the point of attention in the photo, not just because of the person itself but also because of the way they where dressed.

But in many images the sense of scale was missing no matter how good the angle and the illumination was. It could be difficult to really know how big or small the space was. Having talents in my hotel and real estate images really has made this problem disappear. People somehow know automatically the approximate height of a human and can pretty much figure out the sense of space in the image. And, as far as being the point of attention, it can be easily taken care of by having the talent showing up moving. This can be achieved by either using slower shutter speeds in camera or having a blurring effect in post production.

Caribbean business hotel photographer.

The Caribbean is one of the areas in the world most visited by tourists seeking sun, sand and beautiful clear blue waters. I have lived most of my adult life in the Dominican Republic,  a jump away from all other destinations in or near  the Caribbean. 

As a hotel photographer in the Caribbean, I have worked with many hotel brands. Many are resorts. Now, since Santo Domingo has become a touristic city growing vertically in the Caribbean, I'm having to shoot what I call vertical hotels. The Embassy Suites by Hilton, Hilton, the JW Marriott, Barcelo Santo Domingo, and know the Crowne Plaza. 

What I mostly like about these business hotels in the Caribbean is that the illumination and decoration really help my photography. These business hotels in or near Santo Domingo are starting to appear year after year. 

Photographing business hotels in the Caribbean has become my latest obsession. So, in only a couple of months I have become a business hotel photographer in the Caribbean.  

Caribbean business hotel photographer Thiago da Cunha 

Caribbean business hotel photographer Thiago da Cunha 

caribbean business hotel photographer Thiago da Cunha

Caribbean resort photographer Thiago da Cunha