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Should my hotel hire a professional photographer for new imagery?

Every now and then I get asked this question. And, of course, being a professional photographer, the answer is YES!  A hotel should get great images from a photographer that is specialized in such imagery. Good images sell more and faster. It is just the way it is. Of course, even logical.

As a hospitality photographer, I , as well of most of you, have seen great looking and luxurious hotels, resorts and restaurants with crappy images. Hiring the right  specialized photographer for a hotel shoot  in witch millions were spent makes sense. Hiring the right photographer to show a hotel renovation in witch millions were spent just makes sense also. I hire a professional plumber or electrician  for my home when ever they are in need, not a friend of a family member who "knows about that".

Looking into the photographer's website should give an idea of the photographer's work.

Beautiful architecture and beautiful decoration should be photographed by a photographer that understands it and that knows about it. Hire a professional.

Interior Design photography

It is incredible how one thing leads to another. Hotel photography took me to real estate photography and now to interior design photography.  All of witch I love doing. I have been specializing in hotel and real estate photography for quite a white now. Because of my hotel management background,  architectural and hotel photography just seemed a very logical step at this time in my career. But now, adding to this, I have been doing quiet a lot of interior design photography also. I can clearly see how these 3 types of specialized photography are related.

I have been using a technique I invented and call "points of light". It was just meant to be. This technique allows me to actually work alone when I have to travel and can't take my assistants. It is lightweight, fast and affordable for my clients. I don't know if I'm the only one using this technique, but it is a time saver. The best part of this technique is that I can use it very effectively in all of these 3 types of photography: hotel, real estate and interior design photography. 

Here are some examples of "points of light":


You can see the points of light in the pillows, bed, curtains and wall next to the curtains. This allows for better depth of view on my images.

In this image, I made the points of light more obvious so you can see what the effect will be in the end after processing the image. Each flower has a point of light, the bottom of the small fridge, the wooden closet and on both beds.

Real Estate celebra a la grande en Santo Domingo con Campagna Ricart & Asociados

Recibí de Dino Campagna Ricart y Asociados una invitación para celebrar sus 20 años de arduo y continuo trabajo. Como colaborador en materia de fotografías de alto nivel para la compañia, tuve la grata sorpresa de recibir de ellos la invitación con un libro con muchas de mis fotos. 

Estoy más que contento, honrado en poder participar en tan exquisito libro  y, como podrán ver, compartir en la actividad la cual estuvo llena de clientes, amigos y colaboradores. Gracias Dino y Alexandra por tenerme en cuenta.

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