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New articles in my online magazine about hotels, resorts, travel and real estate.

I chose new and fun articles to keep the magazine with life. I really don't want it to be stuck into only one topic. The hospitality and luxury homes industries have so many interesting aspects to offer and I want the magazine to reflect it. I have tried to incorporate some videos also. Videos break the visual content in ways that print could never even imagine.

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Porqué es importante un fotógrafo de hoteles?


Fotografía de hoteles, como la llamo yo, es en realidad lo que probablemente mueve más a las personas a tomar la “acción” de moverse y viajar. Lo de “palabra de boca” o de “boca a boca” aún funciona pero a un nivel más personal. Algunas personas se sienten mucho más comodas y seguras al recibir un buen comentario de alguien que ya visitó el lugar a donde planea viajar aún no conozca bien a esa persona. Pero internet ha cambiado esto en los últimos años. Las fotos funcionan a un nivel masivo.


Las imágenes son poderosas. Las buenas imágenes hechas por un profesional se ven diferentes. Los fotógrafos profesionales saben iluminar. Saben esperar la luz correcta para hacer buenas fotos. Estas imágenes son las que venden. Fotos profesionales venden comida, carros, venden casas, viajes y vacaciones. Buenas fotos mueven personas de un punto a otro. Esto genera muchos negocios paralelamente. Tiquests de avión, aeropuertos, taxis, plazas, cruceros, bodas, hoteles, resorts, restaurantes, et.  Todos ellos generan dinero de esta acción de moverse por causa de fotos vistas en la web o en alguna revista. El “querer esta ahi” lo puede lograr una buena imagen.


El fotógrafo de hoteles, y en particular uno que haya estudiado hotelería, sería el ideal para lograr estas exquisitas imágenes de un negocio turístico.  


Thiago da Cunha

Why Is A Hotel Photographer Important?

"Hotel photography"  as I call it, could actually be what moves more people in the hospitality industry.  The word of mouth still does the job in a personal way. People still believe and tend to feel more secure when someone (even though they don't know them) say something great about a place they visited. The internet changed this a lot in the last few years.

Images is what it is all about. Particularly good images. Good images sell. They sell food, they sell cars, they sell houses, trips and vacations. Good images move people from one point to another. This "moving" generates many businesses. Air tickets, cabs, airports, food courts, cruises, wedding venues, hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc., etc., all generate money from this moving action.

A hotel image is the first thing people see of their destination before arriving. The clear clean blue water of the beach they are going to stay really does create a sense of wanting to be there. The sunset overlooking your room terrace. The clean and perfectly made bed with a great view of a lonely ocean. All of these images do make someone what to be there. 

A hotel photographer, specially one who has actually studied hotel management, is probably the best professional for this unique kind of photography. 

Thiago da Cunha – Hotel & Resort Photography. Talento de la Fotografía Arquitectónica.

Fotografo de hoteles. ​

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I'm a hotel photographer in the Dominican Republic. To be a hotel photographer in the Dominican Republic takes time and know-how with in the tourism industry. Because photographers in the Dominican Republic rarely do this kind of job it has become one of my main specialties.  In house resort photographers in the Dominican Republic are mostly focused on the tourists. Hospitality and hotel photography has to be done by an artist who understands both the photography side of the business as well as the hoteliers' side. .