Having the right photographer for your hotel imagery.


 Here is a list of points to take into consideration when searching for  a professional hospitality photographer.

Firs of all, please search for a professional. Your hotel deserves it.


-      Website

-Does it look professional?

-Is it organized and clean?

-Does it look like the photographer is a specialist on what he does by the kind of images on the website?


 -Many hats. If the photographer has many job titles in his website (fashion photographer, wedding photographer, commercial photographer, food photographer, children photographer) it just means he is not a specialist in the hospitality imagery. Keep looking


 -When searching for a photographer, do not take in consideration ONLY the price. I specially enjoy the negotiation part of my business. So if the price isn’t right for you, negotiate. This is a business. You have to negotiate.


-Don’t just use email. Try to talk to the photographer via Skype or phone. A photographer may have great prices for his work, but if he is a pain in the ass to work with, you will notice this right away and maybe not worth working with.  Talking person to person really helps both parties know each other.


-What is his background in the hospitality industry. I have still to find another photographer that actually studied hotel management and fully understands how a hotel works. This is very important because many errors I have avoided just because I know  how to make a bed or set a table within hotel standards.


-Languages. Speaking different languages is definitely a plus in the hospitality industry. My job gets done faster when I have to talk to people of different nationalities, languages, something very common inside a hotel or resort.


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