Caribbean Architectural Photography by Thiago da Cunha

It is just amazing how one job leads to another. I recently had the chance to shoot an amazing home in the Dominican Republic. It is a peace of art ery well done by Rangr Studio,  an internationally published architectural design firm.  This is Casa Kimball.

I spent 2 days photographing and filming this unique property and needed probably 3 more days to be satisfied. So many angles, so many views! Just amazing. Photographing architecture tends to take away time from me. I totally was involved with the house while shooting. The high and robust windows that open within themselves in a 180 degree circular motion really do let in the nice Caribbean breeze. These windows allow a more pleasant visual transparent effect that semi permits to look inside from the outside.

The main attraction is the amazing large infinity pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The dark blue color this pool has makes it just chic and perfect for this home. It complements its architecture in a strange yet unique way.

Casa Kimball has a rigorous maintenance program. A constant well prepared staff keeps the property at its best year around.  Having these images from a great architectural property such as Casa Kimball is truly a pleasure.   


Here are some images I did. I will publish the video also (it is already to go) but some minor editing needs to be finished first.