Caribbean Yacht Photographer Based in the Dominican Republic

Interior photography has led me to yacht photography. After a Google search, I read the term nautical photography. Strange. Never hear of that term before but it exists. Anyway, it is based on interiors photography with a slight but very important difference. As a photographer, if you don't get the exteriors (meaning, the ocean or body of water outside the yacht) correctly with the interiors, it will be difficult to fix it post because of the ships' constant moving. Having that said, the small spaces with a low ceiling of some yacht can be a challenge unless were're taking about mega yachts. 

caribbean yacht photography.jpg

One very interesting thing I love about yacht photography is that these vessels are basically architectural moving properties. Yacht designers are also called naval architects and that's no coincidence. These ships are amazingly crafted not only for the looks but also for the water movement efficiency. Two very important factors that have to be evaluated constantly. Just like on land, yacht interiors have decorators too. And for last, as a Caribbean yacht photographer, the illumination yachts have is important. Today's yachts have good quality in their lights, they last more and consume less energy. 

As you see from these staterooms, the ceiling is very low in comparing to a land bedroom.

As you see from these staterooms, the ceiling is very low in comparing to a land bedroom.

caribbean yacht photographer.jpg

Soft interior lights with a pastel color palette makes these staterooms ready for rest or sleep. 

dominican republic yacht photography.jpg

Some yacht  add a bit of color to exteriors as if to compliment the bright ouside stern. 

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caribbean yachting photographer.jpg

Thiago da Cunha Caribbean Hotel Photographer's Biography

Thiago da Cunha is the definition of superb Resort and Hotel Photography, but he doesn’t stop there. This ultra creative man has mastered the art of capturing the essence of spaces such as the interior of homes and yachts, architectural photography, and staging design photography. With his humble and enthusiastic demeanor, he will take you on a journey of the mind, both in-person and through his awe-inspiring photography.

Thiago was born in Luanda, Angola in 1968, and grew up a local of the Dominican Republic. Throughout his lifetime he has lived in beautiful places such as Lisbon, Portugal and Lima, Peru. These wondrous destinations sparked an ingenious eye for creativity in him. After a short stay in Freeport, Bahamas, he decided it was time to ground himself at his home base in the Dominican Republic to start his own business and become an entrepreneur in the field of photography.

During Thiago’s educational background, he attended Escuela de Diseño Altos de Chavón, School of Design in the Dominican Republic. Here he attended such classes that allowed him to master the art of architectural photography and work alongside his most inspirational mentor, Architectural Photographer Peter Loppacher. Thiago also attended The Nikon School of Photography in Miami, Florida to further the education of his passion.

            His immense knowledge and expertise in Resort and Hotel Photography is in part thanks to his Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management from Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in the Dominican Republic. This advantage in knowing the ins and outs of hotel design and staging, has allowed Thiago to achieve visual perfection in photography for top rated Resorts and Hotels.

            Many of Thiago’s clients are located in the Caribbean. Living in the Dominican Republic has proved to be ideal for a thriving photography business of Thiago da Cunha’s stature, and his clients. His headquarters are located near Punta Cana and Capa Cana, two extremely popular hospitality and luxury home destinations in the Caribbean. Although, he is no stranger to travel in pursuit of the ideal opportunity to capture your aesthetically pleasing home, yacht, resort or hotel through his lens.


“The word Luxury in your business should be followed by imagery of the same caliber." Thiago da Cunha

Caribbean Architectural Photography by Thiago da Cunha

It is just amazing how one job leads to another. I recently had the chance to shoot an amazing home in the Dominican Republic. It is a peace of art ery well done by Rangr Studio,  an internationally published architectural design firm.  This is Casa Kimball.

I spent 2 days photographing and filming this unique property and needed probably 3 more days to be satisfied. So many angles, so many views! Just amazing. Photographing architecture tends to take away time from me. I totally was involved with the house while shooting. The high and robust windows that open within themselves in a 180 degree circular motion really do let in the nice Caribbean breeze. These windows allow a more pleasant visual transparent effect that semi permits to look inside from the outside.

The main attraction is the amazing large infinity pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The dark blue color this pool has makes it just chic and perfect for this home. It complements its architecture in a strange yet unique way.

Casa Kimball has a rigorous maintenance program. A constant well prepared staff keeps the property at its best year around.  Having these images from a great architectural property such as Casa Kimball is truly a pleasure.   


Here are some images I did. I will publish the video also (it is already to go) but some minor editing needs to be finished first.

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