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Should my hotel hire a professional photographer for new imagery?

Every now and then I get asked this question. And, of course, being a professional photographer, the answer is YES!  A hotel should get great images from a photographer that is specialized in such imagery. Good images sell more and faster. It is just the way it is. Of course, even logical.

As a hospitality photographer, I , as well of most of you, have seen great looking and luxurious hotels, resorts and restaurants with crappy images. Hiring the right  specialized photographer for a hotel shoot  in witch millions were spent makes sense. Hiring the right photographer to show a hotel renovation in witch millions were spent just makes sense also. I hire a professional plumber or electrician  for my home when ever they are in need, not a friend of a family member who "knows about that".

Looking into the photographer's website should give an idea of the photographer's work.

Beautiful architecture and beautiful decoration should be photographed by a photographer that understands it and that knows about it. Hire a professional.

Interior photographer and hospitality photographer, what is the difference?

I sometimes get so confused about given names to photographers. I started out to call my hospitality work as "hotel photography" or "hotel photographer". Witch I still don't know if it is right or not. I mean, some people might think that a hotel photographer is the guy on the beach taking photos of the tourists for souvenirs (a great business in resorts around the world). And that I'm not. At least not any more but I did started that way.

  On a call with friend Selina Maitreya (from back when I had the live radio show about photography here in the Dominican Republic, she asked me what was the one thing that I most loved doing in photography. I replied "hotel photography". She than corrected me.  "Hospitality" is the word she used in order for people to understand what is it I photography. So now I say I photography the hospitality industry.

But, to photography the hospitality industry, hotels or resorts, I also have to know many other kinds of photography. Yes. Think about it. I have to know aerial photography because it is a must to photography the hotel's premises (buildings, golf courses, pools, beaches, etc.) from above.

I also have to know  "interior photography". In the hospitality industry, I have to photograph the rooms, restaurants, spas, convention centers, gyms, etc. These are all know as interior photography work. Witch, by the way, is where I get confused with "architectural photography" and "interior photography". Both are basically the same except the interior I suppose is just for interiors. But, "architectural photography" to me can too be "interior photography".

Next comes food photography. I often have to photography food for not only the hotels, but also for the resorts and restaurants.  

And finally comes the "real estate photography" or my personal one, "luxury homes photography". This too is such a big part of my photography in the hospitality industry. Many hotels and resorts offer or sell part off their rooms, houses or villas. All of witch have to be photographed in a very particular and professional way in order to "sell". Using the images of a professional real estate photographer makes the work of the seller much more easier.

So, I only understand that in order to do the hospitality industry photography  well, I also have to do the interior photography well. And the food. And the aerial. And the real estate. And the luxury homes.

I would love to know from other points of view on this matter. Please leave a comment if you think  it can contribute to the subject matter.

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